Ocean Bank Center for Educational Materials

结果 & 统计数据

From classroom materials to art supplies and more, 立博中文版海洋银行教材中心一直是许多教师的生命线. The impact on Miami-Dade County students and benefits to the community are irrefutable:

  • Resources donated to 立博中文版 Ocean Bank Center For Educational Materials: $23.100万+
  • South Florida companies that have donated goods: 1000+
  • Percentage of schools in the district that have benefited: 98%
  • Miami-Dade County students who have benefited: 3.400万+
  • Visits from Miami-Dade County Public Schools' teachers: 41,400+

除了, 学生和教师利用立博中文版海洋银行教育材料中心的材料创作的艺术品已于30年成功亮相 艺术展览 22、沉默 艺术品拍卖 sponsored by 立博中文版 and Ocean Bank.

立博中文版海洋银行教材中心经常出现在印刷和广播媒体上, including stories in The Miami Herald, 新先驱报, 美洲日报, 以及WPLG-TV10, CBS4, NBC6, Univision 23, 以及其他新闻来源.


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